GPWA in only a small matter of time has become one of the most influential and innovative Wrestling Academies in Europe.

Our facility opened in 2014, as a small space with a ring inside ICW’s HQ. The meteoric growth of both businesses in 2015 led to a move into new premises where today we boast a full-time facility with 2 professional Rings, Video equipment, Kitchen, Toilets and also the ability to transform into a live Wrestling Venue which can hold up to 250 people.

Our unique induction programme is something which we have seen replicated across the UK and even further afield since opening and are pleased to have paved the way for other Academies in the UK to help bring a safer and more structured training system to the UK.

All of this is great, this is why we believe we are one of the best Schools out there.

HOWEVER, the very important factor in all of this is YOU. You hold the keys to the kingdom, we will give you everything you need to start out in Pro Wrestling but the rest is up to you.

All of the things listed above will help you. NO SCHOOL can guarantee you anything. All of the people who are in the position they are now (in Scotland, the UK and beyond) is because of their own hard work and a little luck along the way. We do not offer a magic formula which replaces hard work & dedication, therefore we require you to be committed, and serious about your Wrestling, to join us here at GPWA.