So you’ve decided to come on board here at GPWA and embark on a potential career in Professional Wrestling. You are probably wondering what tools we offer to help get you where you want to be:

Induction Programme

Your first six months at GPWA form your Induction. We have to ensure that everyone who enters the school is fully aware of the dangers and risks of Pro Wrestling in general as well as your suitability both physically and mentally to cope with the demands of Pro Wrestling Training. Our tailor-designed Induction Programme is a first for the industry. This takes place across 3 Levels, each lasting 8 weeks:

At the end of each Level, you will be practically assessed and if successful, you can move onto the next Level.

Each Level runs concurrently and requires one weekly session on your chosen day (Inductions currently run on Sundays or Wednesdays)

Everyone who enters GPWA must enter at Level 1 regardless of previous experience, to find out the next available start dates and to apply CLICK HERE

Main Programme

Congratulations! You’ve passed all 3 Levels of our Induction and you are now a full member at GPWA and well on your way.

Our Main programme consists of several classes per week and the main training days are SUNDAYS, TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. You will attend the school TWICE PER WEEK on a variety of days covering a variety of subjects and our monthly fixed membership cost is £65. This is for 6 hours tuition and coaching per week/24hours per month

During your training you will have the opportunity to also assist on Wrestling Experience Scotland show days and learn how a show is set up and taken down and from here could be selected to become part of a trusted ring crew for other shows in Glasgow/UK. This is possibly your first opportunity to forge working relationships with promoters around the country. Many of our more advanced students have gone on to perform on shows through this route. This is by no means a mandatory part of our curriculum but we find it a good way of team building and building rapport with your fellow students and in a somewhat strange way can help develop self-discipline and having a sense of pride in your work.